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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeVolly and how is it different than any other social network?

WeVolly is a community of volunteers who promote social growth and development in their own community. Users on this website, unlike others, feel empowered to contribute based on what they see other people doing.

How do I win rewards?

Every month, each user that posts public pictures and videos has a chance to win a reward (restrictions apply). The reward will vary from month to month and the chance of winning goes up the more votes you have for your media.

How do I find my friends on WeVolly?

When you login, you can search for your friends by name or by email. Don't spot them? Invite them to join! They might be into volunteering as much as you are.

What is a volly?

Vollies are the basis of WeVolly. A volly is a volunteer event that our users create to organize other users to come together for the greater good. When you create a volly, all users in your area can see it and join it.