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Our Mission
Social websites have become a part of our lives. We see them being used everyday, whether it be ourselves or those around us. We use them to connect, to learn, to stay informed, to express ourselves, to meet people. For better or for worse, we spend a significant portion of our lives through the social media lenses. While parts of it may be good, it can become over-consuming and tiring. What if there was something better?

WeVolly was developed with this in mind. What if we could develop a social website that actually made people more social in person. Not only that, what if we could be more social in person for the betterment of mankind. Everyone has the potential to contribute to their community. WeVolly wants to take that potential and make it become kinetic, make it become an action. WeVolly encourages its users to join and take photos and videos of themselves doing something good for their community and posting these to WeVolly. Other users will see this, and be inspired to do the same. It creates a domino effect that has one result: a better world.

WeVolly users can use this social website to connect with others in their community and create volunteer events, which we call Vollies, to contribute and help people in the real world with real issues.

Social media doesn't have to be bad, it can achieve its original purpose: To connect humanity for the prosperity of humanity. We just have to change the paradigm, and with WeVolly, we believe we did.